Panettone Makes Holidays Hum!

18 Dec

Used to be any remotely sweet bread or cake with dried or candied fruit would set off the “fruitcake alarm” – causing the impulse to immediately spat out the offending mouthful.… (more)

The ‘Shah’ of Columbia Valley

16 Apr

Forget Bravo TV’s new show “Shahs of Sunset” – the only ‘Shah’ we northwesterners need know about is the “Shah of Columbia Valley.”  Part of the Woodhouse Wine Estates collection of wines out of Columbia Valley and the Rattlesnake Hills, Hudson Shah Cabernet is a beautiful, muscular wine for its lean price ($10.99).… (more)

Quality – One Delicious Glass at a Time

13 Apr

MetroVino's Enomatic Wine Storage System Offers 90+ By-the-Glass Wines

Whether in Dallas, Texas, Portland, Oregon or Missoula, Montana, one thing that I truly appreciate about a good wine bar is how easy it is to learn about wine on the cheap.… (more)

They Like Their Coffee Black

10 Apr

For wine, it’s hints of cherry, chalk, or spice in bouquet or taste.  For beer, it’s the pungency of barley or hop crop.… (more)

James Beard: No Shaving Allowed, Just Good Food

9 Apr

The list for the 2012 James Beard Foundation nominees os hot off the press, with two of the chefs represented having cooked in kitchens right here in Montana.  But the two in question do not actually  hail from the Treasure State.… (more)

Chicken Licken Redux: Chill Cocktails

8 Apr

Holiday panic to ready a dinner or brunch table can set nerves atwitter in even the most composed Junior League hostess.  So, as an homage to all home cooks who go hysterical as they make best efforts to put ‘tasty’ on the table, I’ve come up with the perfect set of cocktails.… (more)

Fun with Peeps

8 Apr

They were always just decorative fillers in the Easter baskets of my youth, but sugary, spongy marshmallow Peeps have, over the years, become cult figures – the icons of ridiculous play.… (more)

Vine & Beast is born

29 Mar

A little over five years ago, I joined the newsroom of a daily paper in Western Montana, and took over duties writing a weekly food column from a retiring colleague.… (more)