Fun with Peeps

8 Apr

They were always just decorative fillers in the Easter baskets of my youth, but sugary, spongy marshmallow Peeps have, over the years, become cult figures – the icons of ridiculous play.

Each year the Washington Post  holds a nationwide Peeps Diorama competition. Peeps as subjects of art masterpieces, Peeps as tragic celebrities – even ‘Peeps-on-the-pole” (as in “Peep Show”… get it?)

It should come as no surprise that in a year rife with economic uprising and upcoming elections, the popular paper contest favored “Peeps-go-politico” with the 2012 winner’s diorama aptly titled….  “OccuPeep DC.”

Two years ago, I did my own version of a WP diorama contest – with redneck peeps (from East Missoula, of course) on safari – complete with mullets.

PRO PEEP TIP:  Stale peeps work best so you can equip them swords, Glocks and other implements of fun!

Happy Easter!








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